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Metrology Technician III

We are currently seeking a Metrology Technician III to join our team in the Navy Calibration Lab at New Orleans, LA. Qualified candidate must have a well-rounded skill set in the Phys/D area to include items such as pressure, temperature, and vacauum. Any combination of these skills would be considered. Applicants must have good communication and organizational skills and be able to work well with other team members as well as interact professionally with government employees.


1. Minimum Ten (10) years experience in Test, Maintenance, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) calibration and repair, preferably in a military calibration lab. Experience to include: inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing, overhauling, aligning, calibrating, and certifying TMDE, metrology laboratory working standards and safe work practices/procedures.
2. Completion of a DOD accredited PMEL School or an Associates’ Degree in Metrology.
3. Possesses the knowledge required to read and analyze block, schematic, wiring and logic diagrams.
4. Ability to troubleshoot and repair non-functioning TMDE
5. Must be able to be able to get a clearance

Job Type: Full-time

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