SMR offers a full range of services to DOD agencies at all levels. Our highly trained Administrative Personnel, Quality Personnel, Instructors, Engi­neers, Technicians, Managers, and Logistics Personnel provide a wide assortment of services on a variety of pro­jects.  SMR has extensive and varied experience with Federal Contracts and Complying with Federal Regulations and agency Funding requirements.  Services performed by our personnel at various locations have included Facilities Support Management, PMEL Laboratory Management and Operational support, Trainer Maintenance, Shipping, Receiving, Administration, Clerical, Purchasing, Strict Inventory Control, Quality Control and Assurance, Hazmat, Contractor Engineering Technical Services (CETS), RADIAC Laboratory Facilities Management, Calibration, Repair, Modification, Operational Support and the Maintenance and Repair, Calibration, Operation, and Logistic/Supply support of a wide range of Specialized electronic equipment of assorted complexity.  While the majority of SMR’s previous Government contracts have been in the Science, Engineering and Management arena, our small Corporation, in an effort to become more diversified is  branching out into the Support Services field.  SMR’s capabilities include:

Management   SMR has provided Professional Management and Management Support Services to offices within the Naval Sea Systems Command.  SMR maintains computer software for information systems that integrate into Single Master programs.  For example, several SMR sites employ an Inventory Tracking System, a Financial Management Information System and an Equipment Distribution System which all integrate into a single Program Management Information System.   SMR is experienced in acquisition and provisioning of hardware and software providing support through all phases of life cycle management.

Science and Engineering   SMR has performed Scientific and Systems Engineering studies, Safety Analysis, Test and Evaluation plans, Reliability and Maintainability studies, Design specifications development, Quality Control/Assurance studies, Productivity Audits and General Program Management Support Studies of an Engineering nature for the following programs:

√   Naval Special Warfare

√   Explosive Ordnance Disposal

√   Mine Warfare

√   Anti‑Submarine Warfare

√   Diving and Salvage Programs

√   SPAWAR Standardization Programs

√   Advance Marine Biological Systems

√   NATO Naval Armament Group for Advanced Naval Vehicles

Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) & RADIAC Calibration Services  

SMR performs GOCO Facilities Management, Administrative and Clerical Support, Purchasing, Calibration, Repair, Modification, Certification, Hazmat and Logistic Support Services for stand alone and Automatic Elec­tronic, Electro-mechanical, Optical, Pressure, Vacuum, Physical/Dimensional and Mechanical Test and Precision Measurement Equipment.  The scope of work includes:

√   Calibration and Certification

√   Repair

√   Supply Functions

√  Shipping and Receiving            

√   Modification and Fabrication

√   Custodial Services and Environmental Monitoring  

√   Production Control

√   Metrology Engineering

√   Administration/Technical Library

Maintenance and Support Services  SMR performed a wide variety of tasks providing on-site and depot level engineering, support services and equipment maintenance for the Naval Aviation Maintenance Trainer Group.  Services encompassed preventive and corrective actions, alterations, rework, fabrication, modification, test and evaluation, quality control, and the operational check-out of rotary and fixed wing maintenance trainers.  SMR provided Qualified Engineering, Technical and support personnel to perform:

√   Trainer Evaluation 

   On-Site Rework and Emergency Repair Services

√   Engineering and Technical Data Services/Reverse Engineering

√   Depot Level Maintenance and Modification         

√   Material Support

 √   Facilities and Equipment

√   Quality Control

√   Relocation of Devices

Acquisition and Support Products and Services   SMR is experienced in acquisition and provisioning of hardware and software to provide full support to DOD program managers through all phases of life cycle management.  SMR has performed Purchasing, Inventory Control, Shipping and Receiving, and life cycle data compilation functions.

√   Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSP’s)

 √  Logistics Support Analysis  (LSA)

√  Provisioning Technical Documentation  (PTD)

√  Life Cycle Management  (LCM)

√   Logistics Funding and Requirements Plans  (LFRP’s)

√   Program Support Data Sheets  (PSD’s)

√   Non‑Developmental Items Acquisition Support (NDI) 

√   Technical Writing

SMR has demonstrated strong abilities to effectively manage numerous, complex federally funded projects so that results over and above the minimum requirements of our contracts are attained.  The high quality of the planning, management and evaluation processes employed in the administration of these contracts consistently produces outcomes, which exceed expectations.


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